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Comic Strips

See What You Mean

This strip appeared for three years in the Times Educational Supplement. Click through and you’ll see a small selection of the 160 I have done. They are all about the origins of wonderful and weird english expressions and figures of speech.

steal someone's thunder

Global warming- the plus side

This is a series of strips I did for the satirical magazine Private Eye. They deal with the benefits of a warming planet and are what you might call very dark, green humor !. The strip below was the last one I did and is a web exclusive as it was never published. Now available as an ebook in most formats.

Coastal erosion helps

Cupid & Co.

Love is work. Venus is the boss, a bit of a toughie- let’s just say someone’s heart breaking doesn’t stop her from varnishing her toenails. She”s joined by her son Cupid whose lively sense of fun ensures plenty of business for marriage counsellors. Then there are the cherubs, godlets of the chocolate box and the heart shaped balloons. This is a web exclusive as these strips have never been published before. Now available as an ebook in most formats.

Cupid and Co do stables



Published in the Antiques Trade Gazette these strips follow Ming the antiques dealer. He goes from the stress of a multi million pound impressionist sale to a five pound Beanie Baby in a showground fair under the watchful eye of a stuffed moose’s head. Written by Scott Reyburn.

The dream picture


Stoned States

A tour around American states with legalized cannabis…