My Work

Professor Potts


Professor Potts is a dashing investigator who loves nothing more than jet-setting around the world exploring scientific mysteries. He lives in a secret location with his glamorous wife. His butler has a PhD in nuclear science and his dog will only eat bones from the Jurassic period.

School visits


Here’s a photo of me with some children at The Cambridge Science Week last year. See if you can spot the child wearing my dinosaur shades!. The picture was very kindly supplied by the  Huntingdon Post

If you’d like Professor Potts to visit your school he’d be happy to come and do a 45 minute talk on dinosaurs drawing a personalised dinosaur for the class, signing books and answering questions. Just get in touch.

Here’s a review:

“Aidan visited four Cambridgeshire Schools as part of the Cambridge Science Festival and the “Boys into Books” promotion. His lively and interactive talk is  fascinating and thought-provoking and held the children spellbound. There were lots of interesting questions from the children which Aidan answered with great enthusiasm. Lots of follow up work ensued.”


 Richard Young, Children’s Services Manager, Cambridgeshire Libraries