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The national Geographic always has the best news and great illustrations.

Some fantastic detailed science from the journal of dinosaur paleontology

The wonderful Natural History Museum in London has an amazing collection and some interesting events.

This is a good site for pictures, as it has a list of all the dinosaurs.

Sue the most complete Trex!!! Sold at auction for 8.36 million dollars!

Read about the madness that resulted from such a spectacular find.

Another very good scientific site.

Also recommended

There is a truly inspiring book by Andrew Parker about animals and colour, from bioluminescence to the structural colour of a butterfly wing: Seven Deadly Colours: The Genius of Nature’s Palette and How it Eluded Darwin

If you like your dinosaurs big here’s a good story about the biggest  Seismosaurus: The Earth Shaker by D.Gilette

Here’s a good link sent to me by Tyler and Mrs Pruitt

Comics and Illustrators

This is a very mixed list, some of are people I’m proud to count as friends, some are huge talents I admire, others are sites dedicated to my favourite subjects, all are recommended.

An essential weekly subscription.

The amazing Ted Dewan and Helen Cooper .

Don’t miss Ted’s very important and imaginative site about reclaiming streets from cars

Stunning art from Kellie Strom

The very best in satire a guaranteed laugh in every issue.

The magic of the web. Thousands of copies of the once brilliant Punch.

Tips about drawing from a master, John K creator of Ren and Stimpy.

Raw magazine a good place for finding new graphic novels.

Why not visit

David Potts

My brother without whose web genius this site would never have been made.