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The Smash! Smash! Truck

The new Professor Potts book which can now be ordered at your local bookshop or Amazon etc.


On this page you will find:

The Smash! Smash! Grey Jar Animation The Smash! Smash! Blue Jar Animation The Smash! Smash! Brown Bottle Animation

[audio:bottlebank1.mp3|titles= Tinkle Smash Clink Smash] [audio:platesmash.mp3|titles=Plate Smash] [audio:smash1.mp3|titles=Two Smashes] [audio:smash2.mp3|titles=Smashsplosion] [audio:smash3.mp3|titles=Smash rocking] [audio:smash4.mp3|titles=Smithereens] [audio:smash.mp3|titles=Smasssshhh]

The Smash! Smash! Green Bottle Animation The Smash! Smash! Green Jar Animation The Smash! Smash! Purple Jar Animation

Here are some smashes to colour in.

I highly recommend using highlighter pens or Day-Glo colours.

It’ll give your work that extra zing!, ping!. crash!!! and hopefully make the results well worth putting up on your wall.

I’d love to see how you choose to colour in the noises, I spent ages listening to smashes and trying to capture the delicious sound. If you take the time to scan and send in your work I’ll create a gallery to display it so everyone can admire it.

Click a picture/title to view & print the full size colouring in page:

Smash 1 Smash 2 Smash 3
SmashSmash.jpg SmashSmash2.jpg SmashSmash3.jpg
Smash 4 Smash 5  
SmashSmash4.jpg SmashSmash5.jpg  

My thanks to Andy Howells at The South Wales Argus for publishing the first review only 2 days after the book was officially launched:





“Aimed at five to seven-year-olds on the practicalities of recycling this brilliant little book takes us all the way back to the Big Bang to look at how the earth naturally recycles its resources. Ending with a series of glorious smashes as a modern recycling truck is loaded and unloaded.What self respecting glass bottle would want to be trapped in a rubbish dump for a millennium, when it could be transformed over and over again into new and exciting containers? Luckily the Smash! Smash! Truck is on hand to speed up the recycling process, making things go round faster. An education for adults (yes adults) as well as children. the Smash! Smash! Truck is a humour filled celebration of recycling and should be recycled through as many readers as possible from the ages of 1 to 100 and is definitely a smash hit!”

Write away

A non-fiction picturebook, which promotes  recycling, a science book and a funny story woven together by  Aidan Potts. Aidan Potts message is clear, we should all recycle, for the good of humans, animals, nature and of course our planet. Doing so emulates nature and could save future generations from the effects of toxic waste. The Smash! Smash! Truck is a fun  character in this book which explodes with colour and life. This is a book to be appreciated for its pertinent message and an amusing storybook that will encourage children to become the saviours of our planet by becoming the recyclers of the future.

Raising Kids

This is a great book, and very educational for children of all ages about recycling, and even though we think recycling has only come about the last few years, it hasn’t really it’s been about for generations.

There are lots of smashes in this book where glass bottles are being smashed for recycling, most scientists believe recycling began 14 billion yers ago when our universe was created, absolutely EVERYTHING we see and touch-me, you and glass bottles too – started with a Fantastic loudest-ever sound! THE BIG BANG!  Its called a bang but nobody heard it. It might have sounded like a stupendous smash.

The book goes on to talk about atoms and the planet, also the sun and water, plant and creatures, then goes into more detail about how recycling happens and where it goes. The 7yr old found it particulary funny when the rubbish gets dumped at the rubbish dump and in amonst all the rubbish theres a speech bubble popping out saying “im bored! this stinks”.

This certainly is a very facinating book, with all sorts of facts in it! It’s also very colourful, and teaches in a very fun way. I’m sure a lot of children would enjoy reading this book and learning at the same time.


“Using wonderful images, a unique format, and lots of “smash” sounds, Aiden Potts helps young readers to understand how natural recycling is, and how it is taking place all around us. Children will come to appreciate how important recycling is in a ‘big picture’ sort of way. The author uses his character, Professor Potts, to engage his audience throughout his narrative.”

Parent Central

“The Smash! Smash! Truck is impressive for its clarity in describing how humans are materially implicated in the substance of earth and sky. Illustrator and comic strip artist Potts shows an impeccable sense of design as well as timing in this always energetic, direct and informative picture book. The sound of smashing glass provides a mental soundtrack of celebratory excitement, and the dynamic graphics satisfy not just the eye but the brain as well. Exceptionally engaging and effective.”

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