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bold as brass

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Station ry Mobile



English Idioms Illustrated upgrade

Great news, after 3 years development a brand new app is now available. It has 50 new strips, bringing the total up to 250. It has 30 free idioms to begin with and the rest are available for a modest fee (support the author!). It is a return to an older much loved format and all the strips are now downloadable. Reviews on the apple app store would be much appreciated!

The world’s your oyster

The world's your oyster

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The latest wallflower


Wallflower 10 St Malo

Wallflower 10


 Wallflower poppy


Here’s the fifth and penultimate of a series of poppy watercolours.

New formats

Great news “English Idioms Illustrated” is now available on Kindle and ibooks!




Kindle Fire
Apple iBooks

Now available in print…

English idioms

Now you can get all these illustrated idioms in a book!

Just click on the link above to go to Amazon

Please leave a review on their site.